Take the Edge off your Clutter in Time for Christma with Catherine

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Can you feel the excitement? The holidays are nearing. Despite the joyousness of the season, this can also be a busy, high pressure time for many women - we’ve a lot on our plates and the perfectionistic tendencies tend to kick into high gear. Maybe you don’t want to have friends over because your place is just not feeling ‘together’ enough? Or, you just can’t relax and enjoy spending time with family when there are piles of clutter hanging about?

Whether you are looking forward to a quiet Christmas time, or planning to host a few dinner parties and ring in the new year with a crowd, you’ll most certainly benefit from a bit of tidying beforehand.

Learn how to do a quick December decluttering and what to do daily to keep things tidy throughout the holiday season. Next: a Q & A. Ask Catherine what to do about your specific clutter spot. The dining table, the entrance, the kitchen island, the bathroom counter - wherever it is, we’ll figure out how you can deal with it quickly and keep the clutter from accumulating through the busy holiday season.

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- Downloadable PDF included (link shared at the end of the session)

I look forward to meeting you.

Catherine Croucher - Trailblazer, Happy Healthy Women Coquitlam

About Catherine:

Catherine is a professional organizer who’s on a mission to teach women to declutter and organize their homes so they can own less and live more. She’s not a minimalist (not that there’s anything wrong with that), she just likes to come home at the end of the day to a beautiful, peaceful home and enJOY her curated collection of belongings. Oh, and she also hates searching for things.

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