Authentically Connecting Coffee For Entrepreneurs - South Surrey

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How many of us can relate to this - we have goals, things we have been meaning to achieve or accomplish but for some reason we just haven't done it?

There is always something that gets in the way or that seems more important - and yet deep down we know that if we could only do it we our business would grow and we would be living out our purpose to a fuller extend!

What we need is someone to help us gain clarity on what our next steps are and to hold us accountable!

If this sounds like you then join us for the Happy Healthy Women Entrepreneur Coffee!

Together we clarify our goals, come up with an action plan, and help hold each other accountable so that the dreams we have can actually come true!

You don't have to struggle alone - join a group of authentic supportive women who want to walk the journey with you!

Some of the most heartfelt and inspiring connections are made in our Happy Healthy Women ( gatherings. We believe in cultivating these dynamic connections by creating a container that holds space for sharing about your business, supporting others with theirs, and growing alongside other like-minded women. Our authentically connecting for entrepreneurs is aimed to awaken and inspire all that is already present within you!

So, join us, bring a pen and paper and be ready to share your dreams and goals with us! ;)