Healing Crystal Workshop: Maximize their Energy, Manifest the Life You Want

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“The problem” this workshop solves.

Learn about the crystals you already have in your home. Why were you attracted to them? What can they do for you? How do you care for your crystals?

Learn about the crystals so you can maximize their energy and manifest the life you want.

What attendees will learn, gain, walk away with.

i) which crystals are serving you and which aren’t

ii) how to maximize the crystal energy to manifest the life you want

iii) how to cleanse and energize your crystals (when you first buy them and ongoing)

iv) crystal basics and things you may not know about your crystals

v) healing crystal meditation

This is an interactive workshop. Bring your crystals, bring your questions. We’ll also do a healing crystal meditation at the end for you to really feel the energy of your crystal.

$25 or sign up to be a Wellpreneur to use your unique code for 50% off here: https://hhwglobal.com/pages/nasreens-wellpreneur-club/

Nasreen is a certified Reiki Teacher with Japan Reiki Association and leads their Canada chapter for over 10 years, and she is also a registered teacher with Canadian Reiki Association. Her focus is on teaching Reiki but she also has a robust healing practice where healing crystals are used.

To learn more about Nasreen and her business, visit her...

Website: https://www.japan-reiki.ca/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/japanreikistudio/

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