Happy Healthy Yoga with Janice and HHW

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You deserve to move well and feel good in your body no matter what but it can sometimes be challenging to fit that in amongst a busy schedule and responsibilities.

Let’s make it easy!

Join Janice for a 20 minute yoga flow to open the body, release tension and build strength.

Yes, we’re busy but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our wellness or wellbeing. A little bit of yoga goes a long way especially with Happy Healthy Yoga. It’s yoga designed so that everyone can flow and feel good no matter who you are or what your current ability is. Gain confidence and reduce your stress as you put a little feel good in your day!

These 20 minute flows are done on the mat (occasionally we’ll do a chair flow) but options are provided so that you feel supported physically and mentally.

Janice Brown is a yoga instructor and respiratory therapist who specializes in making yoga work for you. She recognizes that everyone is starting from a different place and showing up for their own reasons and that’s special. She’s taught yoga to a variety of people and uses that experience to help everyone get the most out of their yoga experience. She founded Flow and Go Yoga - an online platform that helps you thrive by bringing you 20 minute yoga flows live and on demand. Her goal is to help everyone feel their best because when you feel your best, it’s easy to be your best!

A quick tip to get the most out of Happy Healthy Yoga (and life):

The whole premise is to move and feel good. One of the things yoga teaches us is how to listen to our bodies. Engagement and stretching feels good and allows us to fully breathe. Strain and pain are your body’s way of saying no. You’ll notice this is the point where you hold your breath. If at any point you feel strain, pain or are holding your breath, gently come out of the pose and come back to your breath.

Instructor support is provided - If you’re unsure whether you’re doing something correctly or you don’t feel it in the spot Janice mentions, simply make a note and let Janice know after the flow. It’s extremely important to her that you get the most out of the session and that you feel your absolute best when you finish a yoga flow. This means both physically and in regards to your confidence!

Hope to see you on the mat

Janice Brown - Trailblazer Happy Healthy Women Coquitlam



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