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Our relationships are meant to stretch us, teach us, expand us and help us grow into better versions of ourselves. Modern women want healthy love yet no one handed us the roadmap on how to get there. The stresses and demands of modern life don’t help the situation. We spend so much of our time working on raising our kids, building our businesses and careers, being there for others, and we often expect our relationships to just manage themselves. Yet we miss out on the incredible opportunity a healthy dynamic can provide for us if we embrace the challenges we encounter within our emotional experiences.

Join us for a different in-depth discussion every other Tuesday morning where we will explore various aspects of relationships and love in the modern world because when we thrive in love, we thrive in all areas of our lives.

This is not just talking about the woes of relationship. This is raising the bar to learn how to love consciously, on purpose and with devotion. Of course that often starts with learning or re-learning to love ourselves, set healthy boundaries and heal some old wounds that we are still carrying around. We will go deep, join in community, and share our stories as a path to learning and healing.

Topics to Include:

-Conscious Conflict & Creating Win/Win

-Understanding our Attachment Styles

-Masculine/Feminine Dynamics

-The Power of pleasure (the vibration that attracts vs. Repels)

-When Women Lose Themselves in their Relationships

-Creating Emotional Safety with our partners

-Creating Healthy Love

-Our Brain on Love Chemicals

-Setting Relationship Intentions

Josephine Carmela

Empowerment & Relationships

Award Winning Transformational Coach

NLP Practitioner and Creator of Modern Love Project

"Josephine You are like a chiropractor for the heart, soul and mind- getting everything into alignment. So grateful for my work with you”

Elyse Dubo

2017 Recipient of the Body Mind Award from Brilliant Minded Women’s Organization



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