Love Your Home Again - Online Event - Toronto West

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Whether you live in a big house or a single room, your home should feel like your safe haven and a place to recharge and reset before going back out into the world to slay! Changing the quality of your personal space and environment can actually support you in achieving your full potential!â €

Zoom Call:

Your Host: Anja Lavigne, House Coach

By shifting and maximizing the quality of an individual’s space, Anja helps to remove energetic blocks that adversely affect and inhibit your personal growth and will be giving tools to help to continue to refresh and maintain supportive living spaces.

Bring Your pictures if you like and get help with anything that you need to uplift your home:

Interior Design - Colours, Furniture Placement, Styling

Organization - De-cluttering, how to remove what no longer serves You

Energy Cleansing - Energy is all around us, our homes hold so much, what do you need to do to make changes.

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