Craft Your Story: And Share it with Impact & Confidence! - Mississauga

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Brand Storytelling is what people are looking for. In order to get people to say YES to working with you, you've got to craft your story and share it (often!).

Let's craft your story together!

Join me as we dive into what makes an impactful story and start taking action!

About Ashley-Ann:

Hey, I'm Ashley-Ann! I'm the person who will show you how to write your story, tell your story and impact lives with it!

I’ve spent almost half my life searching for my voice. When I stepped onto my first stage, to share a piece of my story, I knew I finally found it. I decided to dive deeper and publish my first book, “The Key to Happiness: A Journey to Owning My Story”.

With my book and story being featured on the Power of Positivity (with over 500,000 views) - I have been able to reach more people than I ever imagined.

Can't wait to see you there!

Asshley Ann Pereira